About the Trainer

Thanks for stopping by the Dog Gone Smart Training page.

My name is Anke (No need to panic if you call. I'll help - it's pronounced "On-Kah"). I have been professionally training animals for 15 years. My degree in zookeeping has allowed me to work with exotic animals (big cats, wolves, primates) in Arizona, and now back in Colorado my focus has been strengthening the relationships with people and their dogs.

My credentials include a Degree in Zookeeping Technology, Certification with Animal Behavior College as well as certification as a trainer for a large chain store where I worked for several years. I regularly attend dog seminars and trainers' classes in order to keep up to date on new trends and research.  Proud member of the Pet Professional Guild which is an association dedicated to intimidation-free training.

My love of relationship based training and of dogs has now led me to be Dog Gone Smart, offering in-home training to dog parents in Colorado Springs! I hope you'll give me the opportunity to work with you and your dogs.  Please Contact Us or go to Ready To Join for more information.