Koda and Kripto

Post date: Oct 2, 2012 1:22:41 PM

It can be embarrassing and stressful to have new people meet my spastic dogs, but Anke made me feel at ease and gave me hope that my dogs could actually learn their manners! Her program is completely customizable, so you can work on specific things, or just everything in general. Since we have 2 dogs, each has their own issues that we are working with. It definitely takes a lot of work (everyday!) but it is so worth it the first time you take your dog for a walk and he doesn't bark at a single person, or just knowing you are giving your dog the leadership he needs. Anke has endless patience and really works on building your confidence as well as your dogs. Even though I trained my dogs on my own, based on TV shows and books, Anke provides new tools and strategies that are much more effective. I find my dogs really respond positively to the clicker, especially on walks. I'm so happy we decided to use Anke as a trainer! My dogs love their teacher (cookie lady) and can't wait for school every week!