Post date: Oct 2, 2012 1:15:57 PM

We got a 8 month old dog off of Craigslist. She's a boxer/ridgeback mix. We were her 4th home in her short life, but were determined to work out any issues she had to have a companion for our two pre-school boys.

Doggone Smart gave us the tools to curb those unwanted behavior patterns and help Nita develop into a great dog. We had friends over for the Super Bowl (Go Pack GO!) and all of them commented on how well behaved she was. This was a month after her first birthday! It's now been probably 6 months since graduation and I'm starting to think about taking an advanced course with Anke! ANYONE that's commented on our dog's behavior, I give credit to Anke and Doggone Smart for giving us the tools we needed. ~ Steve and Elizabeth